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Welcome to The Software Craft.

This website is first and foremost about me. Who am I?

My name is Bart Bakker. I am a Programmer, (aspiring) Craftsman, Geek, Father, Husband.

The slightly longer version is that I am a programmer. In my day job I program java. In my spare time I program other languages. I love creating software that not only works but is also well-crafted.

I strongly believe in the values of the Software Craftsmanship manifesto. These principles drive me, how I work, and who I am.

This is why I invest in writing about my view upon programming and my experiences creating software. And also I like organizing community events, to build on our community of professionals and help each other forward.

If you wish to follow any events I might organize or just my writings and thoughts, take a look at my blog and my twitter.

Hopefully we soon meet at such an event. I look forward to it!